Recognition and thinking in and out of the box!

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As I walk around my university campus I am humbled when I see students, some known to me , others not, carrying the book or sitting around reading and talking about Drifters. For me it’s surreal, an out-of-body experience.

Contributing to that interest I think is the fact that so many seniors are graduating in the Spring of 2014. I teach a  senior seminar that is  called a capstone class, in other words, seniors need to take it to move onto and into the real world; onto their personal quest for ma career in law enforcement oft the boarder field of criminal justice.

This seminar is called Renegade Kids, Youth Culture and Delinquency.  Drifters is one of the supplemental texts for the class. The class is capped at 20 students, but those who need it  number in the 100′s.  Professors can enroll students over and above the limit, but where do you draw the line? How can you welcome some and discount others?

My ethics class would see this as the classic horns of the dilemma situation.  For now I will focus on the present, one day and one final exam at a time. Akin to Sophie’s Choice without the historically tragic context, Jack’s Choice will be more benevolent. I’m a push-over really, so I know I’ll bend the rules until they break. Like I always did, and still do. But it’s still Christmas time, so we’ll see how the spirit moves me?