Lift Off

ID-100156281OK, now it’s real. I have held the book and processed the entire “process,” if that’s even possible. Friends say they love it and those that I expected to be a bit adversarial have not disappointed me. Questions about the authenticity of stories; critiques and questions about the reasons for this and that, and of “me” crossing the lines of confidentiality and circumventing the legal process are in a word, entertaining. You would think those schooled in the First Amendment, oh, never mind.

It’s only been a week, but as a realist and self-prophesied medium of  cultural dysfunction; the jabs and barbs whispered and rumored are errant shots across my brow. 

A friend of mine, a very charismatic politician told me once how to win an election, office notwithstanding. Said he, announce your candidacy and then leave town or go under cover, underground for about 3 weeks.

Let the nay sayers, finger-pointers and distracters punch and talk themselves out, leaving your reengagement -like Maverick finally winging to help Iceman- go supersonic; your  homecoming rich with energy. Your eyes keen, your resolve like concrete. What a crock, right?  Of course it is. They’re only words, semantics, parables and opinions.

So, it’s been a week since Drifters debuted, so I’m going dark like a Tuesday Las Vegas show.  Love Las Vegas!