Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. Carolyn Petrosino, Ph.D.


Introduction: Jack

  1. The Zoo
  2. Alex: The Crawler
  3. The First Steps: Harry
  4. The Birth of an Urban Legend
  5. An Emotional Mutiny: Pirates and Police Girls
  6. Nathan: Part of the Landscape
  7. Girl Fights: Emotional Black Eyes
  8. Murphy: The Fight Club
  9. The Battle on Staircase 7
  10. Ryan: The Hulk
  11. The Alliance
  12. Angie’s Quest for Inclusion
  13. Britany: Beating the Odds
  14. Artifacts of Suburban Youth
  15. Sailing with Captain Morgan
  16. Ninja Star
  17. Machette: Two Weapons Too Many
  18. You Gotta Know When to Fold them
  19. The Crips, the Pond Scum Boys and the Get Money Goons
  20. Irish Twins
  21. Stoners and Soup Sandwiches
  22. The Cafe’: 28 Minutes in Hell
  23. Walking the Halls
  24. Room 139
  25. Ain’t Gonna be No Rematch
  26. The Web: Partying, Bullying and Sex
  27. A Walk Outside the Walls
  28. Caitlin: The Fury
  29. Passages

Epilogue: Now What?

Post script

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