A Happy Accident

young-boy-pointing-forward-100108529Almost a full week before Drifters was scheduled to be released it appeared on Amazon. com. And then, within a day, on e-book and kindle.

I was surprised when I found this out, because everything was quiet on the home front. I was building my website, blogging and anticipating November 16th. Then, family and friends began to call, blowing up my phone and bombarding me with questions and comments laced with and confusion; confusion about why I never mentioned writing a book. Fear of failure was my quick answer, opening the flood gates and becoming public once again after two years of self-imposed exile was another.

Now, Drifters is out. A happy accident, a premature release (get yours minds out of the gutter). It is now day two. I’m amazed at the expanse of social media. I’m reconnecting with friends from Europe and far-away places, and friends who were always close by, but closed off somehow. ¬†It seems that the initial drift of Drifters is in very friendly waters. Waiting for day three, tomorrow and beyond. This is fun.