Evolution of a Blog

Hey Everyone!

I’m Jack Hobson and although blogging is new to me, I’ll think out-loud briefly, just to get started. Ranting I do well, or so says my wife, of 24 years, 12 days, 3 hours: I don’t know, I made that up. But she does exist and I’m a better person for it. OK, enough of that.

Let me talk about the changes I’ve been through during the past, let’s say, five years. Four intestinal surgeries, a few bowel obstructions, an ileostomy (that’s a science fiction story all its own), a couple of wicked awful infections. I say wicked a lot, it’s a Boston thing.

In 2011, I retired from police work, a job that spanned over 30 years, took a new job professing at a university, started to collect a pension [that was sticker shock]  and out of the blue, decided to write a book. Closure I think. Separation anxiety. Closure from the sudden loss of my identity, my professional credentials; decades of experience, bonding, friendships, helping people young and old. Making a difference. At least that’s what I’m going with. You’ll find out that there is no pretense about me, as in I’m not impressed with myself.

Yeah so, a book. Put it on paper, write it all down. Get it out of my head so I can sleep at night. Look at what I’ve done and instead of looking back; use it to steam-roll forward. No rest for the weary, but who’s weary. I’m not done yet. Actually, I’m just starting.

Drifters drops on November 16, 2013. My nephew said drops, he’s 13 and he thinks he’s the-boss-of-the-whole-wide-world; the coolest dude to ride a skateboard. Maybe he is, but the cool dude has to be home and in bed by ten.

I can stay up until 11.

I’ll be in touch. Soon!